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Oct 25, 2012 4:00pm PDT
study that is good news for the u.s. economy. >> reporter: indeed. each of us will be spending about $30 more dollars this year than last. for the retail dependent u.s. economy today's survey seems to make one thing plain. >> it will be a good solid holiday season without a doubt. it may be a strong holiday season. but at least we're not going backwards. >> reporter: the national study shows 63% of us will spend the same as last year. this yearover all average spend willing be $582. of those that will spend more half say they will spend $250 more this year. a fourth will spend $750 or more. and 8% say the sky is the limit. just over half say they have cash set aside and more than a fourth of the shoppers will have a smart phone or digital tablet to compare prices. >> they are really empowered with technology. they are bargain hunters. if they don't find the right thing at the right price they don't buy. >> reporter: but in california we still found an abundance of caution among consumers. >> every year we do less and less. the groups get smaller and smaller and adults like to e
Oct 18, 2012 4:00pm PDT
considered largely symbolic because the issue is expected to be taken up by the u.s. supreme court. >>> thousands are supporting a bay area boy scout in his push to get his eagle scout ranking. he was denied the honor because he's gay. the teen and his family are not taking no for an answer. >> reporter: he's fighting back. in the past half hour. the teenager and his family presented the boy scout council with an online petition signed by 400,000 people nationwide. it demands the boy scouts of america grant him his rank as eagle scout that he earned. they denied him the offer and kicked him out of the boy scouts because he's gay. they hope to meet with the council this afternoon. ryan said this has been a difficult ordeal. >> getting my eagle award taken is totally devastating. hearing that it's happening to other scouts is also totally devastating. all the support i'm getting is nothing like i've ever had before. 400,000 signatures is not even dreamable. >> reporter: ryan also received an award from nancy skinner honoring him for his courage. and he told his story on the ellen deg
Oct 22, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the bankrupt solar company is still costing taxpayers money. a u.s. bankruptcy judge in delaware approved a plan for them that involved selling the tax breaks. those breaks total about $341 million. the federal government and the county object to the plan. the judge gave the justice department ten days to decide whether or not to appeal. >> wet weather can be found in baseball games. it will cause people to call off their own plans and get ready for the next storm. >> a live look tonight. it will be crowded for game 7 less than an hour away and it has been pouring over the ballpark but the cloud versus been clearing. we'll take a look at the weather and what you can expect in just a moment h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3